Hyalite Services

Hyalite Environmental's experienced team can help you with any aspect of environmental compliance requirements. The following list is an overview of the type of work that we can perform for you.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Environmental permitting including Section 404, Section 10, 310 permit, SPA 124, floodplain, and storm water discharge (NOI/SWPPP).
  • National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and MEPA compliance.
  • Watershed management, stream restoration, and TMDL support.
  • Design and implementation of monitoring programs for ground water, soil, air, surface water, sediment, and biologic resources.
  • Preparation of compliance reports in hard-copy or electronic media.


  • Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) via ASTM standards.
  • Hazardous Materials Investigations.
  • Geological and Preliminary Geotechnical Evaluations.
  • Compilation, evaluation, interpretation and reporting of environmental data.
  • Environmental site characterization and investigation.
  • Scientific investigations and literature research.

Engineering Support

  • Wetland assessment, delineation, and mitigation.
  • Design of storm water drainage and erosion control plans.
  • Creation of work plans, SOPs, health and safety plans, and QA/QC documents.
  • Project management and oversight.
  • Development of remedial actions and feasibility studies.